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1150 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor Islands, FL. 33154. USA.

Corrientes 222, Level 14, Buenos Aires, Argentina

AmericaSouthMining, Inc.

An exploration and mining company registered in the State of Nevada, USA, with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The company's focus of mining and exploration is in the Southern Region of South America concentrating in mineral rich yet under-developed mining opportunity's.

From Paraguay to Argentina, many rich prospective exploration and mining property's are being actively pursued in a region of the World that is fast becoming the new mining frontier

Gold and Oil are the main resources focused on by AmericaSouthMining.  Through an agressive policy of investment in exploration and mine aquasition, AmericaSouthMining has the opportunity to become a significant new entrant into the mining industry in South America.

AmericaSouthMining, Inc., is actively evaluating mining activities in the Southern Latin American region, including Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru and Argentina.  These country's have a very under-developed mining industry that has not benefited from modern advanced mining processes and investment on any meaningful scale. 

AmericaSouthMining Inc., intends on using its local position in Argentina as a base for exploring and exploiting new and potentially rich mining and exploration ventures in this part of the World.

AmericaSouthMining, Inc. proposes to list on the NASDQ  OTC.BB USA within the next 6 months. Converting the company from an unlisted public company to a listed public company through the filing of a registration statement.  The company is registered in the State of Nevada, USA.     

AmericaSouthMining Inc., is positioned to mine and explore in one of the last great under mined regions of the World.  The southern region of South America.

AmericaSouthMining Inc., is of the view that this region of the World provides a safe and stable political environment with Country and Regional Governments highly supportive of NEW mining ventures.  

Contact:   AmericaSouthMining President, Chaya Coleena Hendrick  

email: ceo@americasouthmining.com 

Argentina: +   USA: +1.786.269.2234

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